Monday, 16 August 2010

The day is quite beautiful. Dogs barking outside, children screaming while walking to school, the wind is blowing slowly, gently making curves through the obstacles it meets. Since this day starded, I felt a willing to report everything I'm feeling. Analyzing deeply what was the state of my heart, I found out that it is pretty much quiet. Not worried, not angry, not full of anxiety or passion. Maybe this calm tide is driving me to a darkness that I don't have a clue which is. Or to a light, perhaps.

Our lives can be always perfect if we want. If you cry, the sun is still there keeping you warm and making possible you waking up everyday even for crying a river. One day, you realize that you only built a wall around you. It made you stronger, and there is no dark anymore. So do love.

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Filipe D. said...

Hello there!! I've been here(in ur blog) one day. U might, or not, remember!

Wherever, I liked your first paragraph, despite I think even in darkness or light times, passion is always present, only changing in a case to another for it's intensity.

But the truth is what u feel. And it's goog to read, analyse and compare your truth with our own.

I'll return and I hope u understood my comment.lolllll bye